Treetop Team

Jacopo Gozzi, 1984, Architect
After he had studied architecture in Milan and taken a degree with a thesis about the energetic efficience of the buildings, he directed his studies at sustentability and garden's architecture, and he took the master's degree at Venice with a thesis entitled "living on the trees". He actually lives on a tree.
Giacomo Duzzi, 1988, Treeclimber
He is a very keen alpinist, and he works since 2008 in an adventure park up on the trees where he deals with fulfillment and upkeep of the park, with a particular attention to the safety and trees' health; actually he attends classes of natural sciences at the university of Padua.
Vittorio Viviani, 1988, Carpenter
He attends to the realization of forniture and details; he isn't only a good carpenter but also an able problem solver. he joins to the artistic talent his experience of cabinetmaker developed in a unique sector of carpentry (organ restauration), where every sigle piece is maden by hand.
iurilli_treetopbuilder Simone Carnaccini, 1980, Treeclimber
Land surveyor specialized in arboriculture, care and management of monumental trees. He works as a freelancer since 2008 as manager of historic parks; within the Team, is responsible for pruning, felling and treatment plants; manages the placement and movement of suspended loads. He participated actively in the construction of adventures parks.